I am a Cyber Security Specialist for ESET, Europe’s number one Internet Security and Antivirus company. I am also a well respected industry expert regularly commenting in a range of publications including The Guardian, The BBC, The Independent and The Times.


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I previously worked for Dorset Police for 14 years where I spent the majority of my service investigating computer crime in the Digital Forensics Unit. From 2009 – 2016 I investigated 100s of crimes and spent much of my time in Crown Court producing digital evidence for a abundance of different offences.

In 2016 I was asked by my force to pilot a Home Office scheme whereby local forces were funded to implement cyber security advisors in order to make the communities more resilient to ever increasing cyber threats. I was tasked with visiting companies across the county in order to help protect them and make them more resilient to online threats. I offered bespoke advice to 100s of firms and acted as a single point of contact if any business in the county had been infected and required unbiased free support.

From my time in the police, I now have a catalogue of stories from breaking encryption to social engineering and gaining entry to company networks ethically. Penetration testing with the police was a fantastic way of getting the message across to businesses who simply had their head firmly in the sand.



I currently offer engaging and informative talks to business and conferences nationwide which include techniques to better protect your business in a highly entertaining way. My talks are always well received and I have given dozens of talks across the country at companies such as Vodafone, The Bank Of England and Facebook.

I am currently offering a talks on the following:

How to Hack A Police Station: Learn how I socially engineered my way into a police station and hack into their network,

HackedIn Via LinkedIn: Find out how I phished a CEO of a company via LinkedIn and find and was able to manipulate him to give me his passwords and other security info.

How To Hire A Hitman On The Dark Web: Find out why multi factor authentication is important whilst learning about the Dark Web and how a Sim Swap scam works.

If you would like to hear one of my talks then please get in touch.


Education: BSc in Mathematics & Statistics

Highlights of my career: Socially engineering and hacking my way into a police station and network – ethically. (As well as being employee of the year @ ESET, 2019!)

Position and history of ESET After 14 years investigating digital forensics and cyber crime for the police, I became the Cyber Security Specialist and the Spokesperson for ESET UK.

What malware do you hate the most Any malware that gets into the backup which repeats the annoying cycle! I’ve seen so many small businesses suffer this way.

Favourite activities: Surfing, stand up paddleboarding, skateboarding – just put any board under my feet and I’m happy.

Golden rule for cyberspace? 2FA Authenticator app

When did you realise that you were into computer security? It was my first month working for the police in the Digital Forensics Unit. I found I was given so many cool tools that could break security features and it was ethical – and I was getting paid for it!

Favourite activity: Water sports photography. The combination of nature, thrill seeking and technology all in one couldn’t be more perfect.

To know more about ESET in the UK, check out the video I made about our awesome office below!